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Chapter 5
22. How was Asif’s treatment of Hassan different to the way he treated Parvana? Why do you think this is so?
23. Using the information from both Chapter 4 and Chapter 5, describe Asif’s physical appearance.

Chapter 6
24. During Parvana’s description of Alexander the Great, Asif interrupts her with questions that Parvana thinks are stupid. What do you think about Asif’s questions? Are they stupid or quite sensible? Explain your response.
25. As Parvana and Asif searched for treasure what type of dreams did they discuss with each other? What did Asif want to do with the treasure? What did Parvana say she would buy with her share of the treasure?

Chapter 7
26. Why do you think Asif chose to join Parvana on her journey? He seems to really dislike her and yet he talks himself into joining Parvana and Hassan in their search for Parvana’s family.
27. Throughout the novel, Deborah Ellis, the author, has provided a number of examples of Parvana’s strong will and determination. Parvana is also very hopeful for the future. Can you find any examples in this chapter that inform the reader she has hope?

Chapter 8
28. Why would Parvana describe herself as feeling ‘dull and stupid’ after having walked four days, two without food? How do you think you would feel if you were to go without food and water for several days? List the emotions that you would feel and the way you think you would behave.
29. Why does Parvana write letters to Shauzia when she knows there is little chance her notes will ever make their way to her friend?
30. Asif refuses to beg for food and water, he’d rather work for his rewards, whereas Parvana would be happy to beg. If you were in their situation, which would you prefer to do?
31. What is a ’tea boy’?
32. What is Parvana’s ‘boy name’?
33. Has Asif’s behaviour and attitude towards Parvana changed since they left the cave? How?
34. How did the Taliban punish thieves?
35. What convinces Parvana to steal from the man in the village? How did Parvana originally feel about stealing from others?

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